History of KMH Enterprise, LLC (How it Started to Where the Business is Now)

KMH Enterprise, LLC’s business was originally formed as a partnership in 1984 between Kim Hoekstra and Mary Hoekstra and operated under the name KMH Enterprise. Initially, the primary business was to manage and maintain 20 rental properties located in the Northside, Camp Washington, and College Hill areas of Cincinnati, OH. These properties consisted of 1, 2, 3, and 4 family structures. These properties were completely rehabbed: wiring, heating, plumbing, etc. They were then rented. To date, all but three of the properties have been sold, most of which to tenants who KMH helped to finance.

With the knowledge of older homes, KMH Enterprise started to do home maintenance for others in the neighborhoods where they owned their properties.

1986 KMH bought its first dump truck and snowplow. Snow plowing became a source of income during the winter. KMH continued to grow its snow plowing business through the eighties and nineties. Businesses that KMH worked for during this period included Fredrick Funeral Home, Gregg Pancero, Inc., the Cincinnati Public Schools, and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

1989 With the major construction projects that were happening at Children’s Hospital, KMH’s services were no longer needed.

1992 KMH started building custom homes in Southwest Ohio and Southeast Indiana. They would build one home a year, seven custom homes total. In the summer they would do construction, and in the winter, plow snow.

1995 KMH Enterprise’s snow division added three snow vehicles. They were serving 50 accounts at that time, 16 of which were Cincinnati Public Schools. They continued to do home repair and snow plowing through the nineties and into the new millennium.

2004 KMH was rehired by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, and needed to expand quickly to keep up with the extra workload. They bought 3 more plow trucks and subcontracted with 6 others. They also decided to drop many of their accounts, allowing them to concentrate on the hospital and 9 smaller accounts.

2007 KMH Enterprise’s partners, Kim and Mary Hoekstra, reorganized the business into a limited liability company. Now KMH Enterprise, LLC, they added two more members. The new KMH is now owned by Mary L. Hoekstra, 51% owner, Kim M. Hoekstra, Jr., 16.3% owner, Scott J. Hoekstra, 16.3% owner, and Maria C. Hoekstra, 16.3% owner. They also started an official snowplow division called WeDoSnow.com.

Also in 2007, the owners of KMH formed MLMCH Properties, LLC, to hold the real property of the business. In October 2007, MLMCH Properties purchased a commercial piece of property located on Central Parkway in Downtown Cincinnati. The 10,000-square-foot warehouse and 5,000-square-foot office sit on 1 acre within 10 minutes travel time of the Main campus of Children’s Hospital. They are able to store their equipment, perform maintenance, and run a base of operation from this location.

2008 Children’s Hospital opened a new campus in Liberty Township, adding to the already labor intensive workload at the Main, Vernon, Oak, College Hill, and Mason Campuses. It is located on a 66-acre plot of land about 26 miles from the Central Parkway base of operation. Back at the Main Campus, KMH took over from the hospital ground crew doing the 15 miles of sidewalks that surround the campus. This was a new challenge, but was overcome by the purchase of smaller equipment and most importantly, manpower.

2009 KMH formed a new division as a regional distributorship of Magic de-icing product. They are once again accepting a new challenge by selling and using liquid de-icing products. KMH is the sole dealer for the Magic-O° liquid used to create Magic Salt in the Northern Kentucky, Southern Ohio, and South Eastern Indiana areas.

2012 - As of July 31, 2012 Our Magic Salt or Magic-O have been given a new trademark name ICE B'GONE MAGIC®. Our patent protected formulation of distiller condensed solubles and magnesium chloride has not changed in 14 years.