Magic Salt Testimonials

“BE READY …. It’s going to start working”

Mark Ahern
Property Manager
Sundance Property Management Inc

“The best thing I can say about Magic is it’s the one product we have purchased in the past few years that actually does what the manufacturer says it will do ... One of my crew members told me “It might not be Magic, but it’s truly amazing””

Craig Ballard
Director of Grounds
Children’s Hospital

Our newest ammunition on snow and ice is Magic Salt, which is a liquid deicer. We used it on the steps around campus. I really liked how it prevented us from having to chop up the ice that forms on the steps in the winter time.

Walt Bonvell, CGM
Xavier University
Grounds Foreman

“Magic Salt has worked very well in my use so far in melting snow quickly and efficiently for a safe, slip-free surface. I have to use much less product than in a traditional salt application. There has been no damage at all to my newly poured concrete since the beginning of my use of Magic Salt.”

Charlie Pond
Director of Building Development
Neyer Properties

“When I applied the Magic Salt product it worked very quickly and I had no problem with any issues relating around the re-freezing on any of the sidewalks around our properties. I even tried it on my downspouts and much to my surprise it worked very well”

Rob Bush
Property Manager
RN Building Maintenance